Sheet Metal Fabrication at its best!

Emberton's reputation for consistency, excellence and accuracy extends to our sheet-metal fabrication. Each item we produce enjoys the multiple benefits of being produced by a human operator and, yet, remaining under strict CNC Control.

Our work starts by entering customer specifications and/or drawings into our state-of-the-art FabriWIN programming system (above) where they are exactly rendered to precision specifications.

The computer files duplicated and positioned to fit a 48" x 96" sheet, downloaded into our 1998 Amada Vipros 255 punch press with a loader and the pieces are punched in mass. The Vipros 255 features a 22-ton punch force, 50" x 50" brush table travel range and a rapid punching speed of 2559 IPM. Accuracy is within 0.0027".

The sheets are deburred using our 1998 Amada Timesaver, which features a 36"-wide belt and variable-speed conveyor.

The parts are then broken out individually.

Each part is individually formed by an operator performing multiple bends--saving time and money--using our 1998 RG-50 Press Brake. This tool has a 55-ton capacity, a bending length of 82.1", repeatabliity of ±0.0004", and an NC9 EXII CNC Controller. We also have a larger brake, an HFB-125-3 with a 125-ton capacity.

The quality of our sheet-metal fabrication is assured and turnaround time is minimized due to our mix of CNC and hands-on expertise. You can be confident that your job will be done right the first time--every time.

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